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Taipei, Taiwan 

March 2011

A trip to Taiwan with the family was a way of my mum letting go of my Sis before she got married in May 2011. It was the first trip overseas with our parents that’s just the three of us. Usually, traveling with the family includes bringing my Grandma along. We wanted some kids-parents time, no other relatives.

I was glad as the three of us have our parents to ourselves. And I am amazed at how different I am from my siblings. I was always spacing out and taking photographs. Hell, I even brought my Blackbird Fly, which, in my opinion, is a difficult camera to use as I find myself bring challenged by it’s Twin-Reflex lens. Let’s top it off with Fuji Velvia, and I have no idea why the film turned out so red. Anywho, I loved how it turned out. 

I have never been to Taiwan, and I was amazed at how wonderful a country it is. Mind you, I was there for 5 days and that 5 days blew me away. I’ve always liked to travel and I realized how different each country’s culture is. From the friendly and helpful people in Canada, to the boisterous people in Taiwan. Traveling really opened my eyes to the world. Keeping analogue photographs of the places I’ve travelled is a way of keeping a record and to remember how it felt to be there. 

For Taiwan, I want to remember the heartwarming feeling I had of traveling with my family. Just the three of us with our parents. How mum and dad feels giving my sis away to marriage. How mum felt revisiting the place of her honeymoon. My awe at standing at the base of Taipei 101. Having my brother putting his arm around my shoulder as we walk down the streets in the cool of Spring. We are a happy family, with our quirks and our ways. I am the odd middle child who don’t seem to fit anywhere. But dad and mum made us who we are and love us for who we are. Here’s to the Ong family. 

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